Question: What’s the rate for Premium Membership?
1) Silver $200/month or post 5000 DID’s/month
Silver members’ info will be shown on the DID info page.
2) Gold $500/month or post 10,000 DID’s/month
Gold members’ info will be shown in the login complete URL and on the DID info page.
3) Platinum $1000/month or post 20,000 DID’s/month
Platinum members get their logo linked on the main page of DIDX, login complete URL, and DID info page.

Question: What is the QoS on the service since DIDX manages the exchange but does not own the DID’s?
Answer: Each DID is tested before addition to the network. If the DID does not work on any particular day, failure is logged. The Buyer and the Seller are notified via email. If this occurs 3 days in a row, DIDX will not pay the Seller nor charge the Buyer for that month.

Question: I don’t want to buy nor sell. I want to exchange numbers with the exchange. How do I do that?
Answer:We will add a new option for an automated pure trade/exchange That will allow you to exchange numbers with us. No money will be involved in this process when this is rolled out.

For now you can exchange through DIDX manually.

At this time, DIDX has US Toledo, Ohio; UK London; and Australia Sydney Numbers to Exchange.

Exchange Rate:
US 1×1
UK and Australia 1×1 international or 1×2 for USA (when u give to
We can give you a better deal depending on what you have to offer.
Minimum 20 DID’s must be exchanged.
To do this, signup. Add the DID’s you want to exchange with DIDX, using the same process as a seller.

Then email us that you want to exchange these numbers, and DIDX will take care of it. Please contact DIDX from the ‘Contact us’ button in order to avoid any disappointments.


Address: 6005 Keating Road Pensacola, FL 32504

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