Free world dialup Project

Free World Dialup Project

Free World Dialup is a free SIP-based phone service by pulver .com

The Project started first in 1996 and our company has been evolved in it since then.

It offers free SIP accounts and software to make and receive free peer to peer calls.

You might use this service to see that the calls from our network to a public SIP service work fine. As a result, then, you, the DIDXchange member can find what needs to be fixed at your end.

The following will show how to make a DIDX number work on your FWD ID.

  • Go to freeworlddialup .com and download the software. Configure it. Leave it open.
  • Login to your DIDX account, and click on My Purchased DID.
  • Look at the 1419 DID number that is given to you for free testing.
  • Click under the Ring To address
  • In the new SIP address field, enter your
  • For example
  • ” Call the 1419 number
  • ” Your Pulver Communicator Software should ring

Please note that in some countries such as China, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates, SIP PORT # 5060 are blocked. As a result, FWD’s Pulver Communicator can not be used for testing in those countries.

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