Local Number Portability on DIDx

How to Port a number DIDX?

What is LNP (Local Number Portability) or Number Portability?

**Answer: **LNP (local number portability) is the process to port a DID number when you move your number from your current carrier, to another carrier, that has a network in that same area code.

An example is when you may want to port a number with Vonage, Verizon, or ATT to virtualphoneline.com.

Question: Does DIDX offer LNP ?

Answer: DIDX offers LNP via its partners, in the countries listed below.

Question: What are the benefits of LNP via DIDX?

Answer: DIDX provides automated LNP (local number portability) via our web site and API’s. Try it out. The first one is free. DIDX has the largest footprint in the world of wired and wireless carriers to port in to.

Question: What are the requirements to do LNP with DIDX?

Answer: Since LNP takes time (sometimes up to 90 days), patience and trust, we require that our customer must have at least 100 DIDs in their account before DID can take an LNP order from you.

Question: How much time does the LNP Takes?

Answer: 30 to 45 days for one number to port. We recommend you do not cancel the service from your current carrier until the number is completely ported to the new carrier.

Question: How do I check if my number can be ported to DIDX?

Answer: Please visit www.didx.net/lnplookup if you are in the United States. Get an instant report of whether or not your number can be ported to DIDX at standard rates. After you have verified porting is possible, please contact us clicking on CONTACT Us your account and stating your wish to port and begin to follow the process below.

If your number is international, please contact us via your web account by clicking the CONTACT US button and stating so.

Question: What Paperwork is needed to Port the number to DIDX ?

Answer: The following items are needed.

LNP Form (Download LNP Form LNP Form PDF Format LNP Form Microsoft Word format

Copy of the most recent bill for the phone number you wish to port

Recent call logs of the same phone number

Question: What are the countries where DIDX currently offer Number Portability?

Answer: Number Portability is available at this time via DIDX in United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

Question: What is the Charge for Number Portability?

Answer: The following charges are for up to 20 LNP, If you need to do more, Kindly after you have done the first 20, We can give you a better pricing.

Country Price
Canada $30
France $150
United Kingdom $80
United States $20 to $25 Depending on the Carrier you choose
Turkey $15 for Lnp and $12 per month per number

Question: How much processing time does Number Portability take?

Answer: Time depend on the country, but approximate time is

Country Duration
Canada 4 weeks
France 8 weeks
United Kingdom 4 weeks
United States 5 weeks

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