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What is vendor rating. Vendor rating is determined by the quality of the vendor and the DID he is providing. We test the DID as often as 2 times per week. When a DID fails, the vendor and buyer are notified. Failed DID will result in lowering Vendor Rating.The rating can be increased also by providing more information about the vendor to us. For example, the company tax returns, DUNS number, DUNS report, tax ID number, bank statements, and financial and vendor references.

All this information is kept private. The above is part of the criteria for vendor rating.

When a vender offers 500 DIDs in her account, we personally welcome him to Vendor Rating ‘1’.

When a vendor offer 5000 DIDs in his account, we give him a congratulation call for upgrading his vendor rating from ‘1’ to ‘2’.

As soon as the vendor offers 10,000 DID’s, his Vendor Rating is upgraded to ‘3’

When a vendor offer 50,000 DIDs. His Vendor Rating is upgraded to ‘4’

The offered DIDs number reach 100,000 and the vendor rating is upgraded to the highest. i.e. ‘5’

Which means now his Did’s stock can easily be shown up on anyone’s website who is our customer via the API services = more and faster sales

The next 4 ratings are determined by a combination of DID success, verification of vendor via specific documents, security deposit, number of DIDs in account and length of uninterrupted time on DIDXchange selling.

Vendor Rating:6 Silver Members
Vendor Rating:7 Gold Members
Vendor Rating:8 Platinum Members
Vendor Rating 9 - Non Specified at this time

Vendor Rating 10 - These are for vendors, that we have purchased DIDs for our internal usage, and the vendor does not allow us to re-sell these DIDs on didx.

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