If you would like to send some kind words for this web page, Kindly record them on youtube.com and send the link to us tocare@didx.netand we would be more than happy to put that on this web page.
Thank You.


Firstly, thank-you both for the speed and the cheerfulness that you responded to my shout-out for help on behalf of my panicked client. Suzanne, you were very much a “court of last resort” for me to call on, and I was so impressed that you took the time from your day to return my call and then work as hard as you did to help me find a solution. Ahsan Saleem, I was just as impressed with how fast you responded to the needs of a completely unknown customer with off the wall needs and still managed to deliver excellent service and superior pricing on essentially zero notice.
Michel R. Vaillancourt,
President of JKL-5 Groupe Inc.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


I like the setup of how easy DIDX is to get working and the versatility, flexibility, and pricing.
Basil Stepanov,
Smart Choice Communications


Dear Suzanne,
We want to express our sincere thanks to you for partnering with us on this year’s Inc. 5000 project. Thanks to your support and our efforts together, it has been a smashing success and we’ve had unprecedented participation! We deeply appreciate and value your partnership You have helped us reach a wide variety of privately-owned businesses among your members that make the Inc. 5000 list unique and valuable. We hope that the list continues to be as valuable to your members as they have been to the Inc 5000 this year and to the rest of the private enterprise community.
Again, thank you for partnering with Inc. to promote the Inc. 5,000. We look forward to partnering with you in future years!
Chuck Winkler
Inc. Magazine
7 World Trade Center New York, NY 10007-2195


In a few words, the user can browse, order, pay, assign and activate DIDs without typing a key. Your APIs are great. You can see it working with the test account: … Thanks again for everything …
Max Glucksmann,
Miami Beach, FL

The DIDX podcast idea is wonderful! Thank you for interviewing some of Jaymie Scotto & Associates’ clients. You and Omar do a terrific job! You have a great voice, Suzanne.
Karissa Campbell
Jaymie Scotto & Associates
New York City, New York


I just finished The World is Flat. While we were sleeping, the world changed. And your technology is in the forefront of it!
Jon Felperin,
El Salvador and USA business


Why do we recommend telecoms and carriers to sell DID on DIDX? …There’s also another aspect of doing business that DIDX takes care of for you: marketing. You no longer need to seek out individual or corporate buyers, spend money on pay-per-click; you may still advertise if you choose to, but merely being listed on DIDX is your best exposure
Dmitry Vlasyuk, NXvoice Networks
Moscow, Russia


This group includes my Florida friend and neighbor Suzanne Bowen and colleagues Muneeb Iqbal and Rehan Allahwala at DiDx aka Super Technologies who I am sure all are familiar. (very friendly & innovative team of professionals whom have won multiple innovation-related awards).
Thomas Sullivan, TSGGlobal
Tampa, Florida


Dear Suzanne,
NXTCOMM is very excited to be working with you for NXTCOMM 2007… Thank you for reaching an agreement with NXTcomm to be a media sponsor for NXTcomm for the 2007 show in Chicago, Illinois. We look forward to seeing you at McCormick Place in June.
Christine Hodges & Jackie Williams
NXTcomm Marketing Team

Michael Robertson, CEO of Sipphone (the first IP communications company to join DIDX) and also Mp3, shares thoughts on the success of DIDX
Humberto Correa, formerly CEO of FonicaPBX, and now with BBCOM CLEC as well as Alan Pesatty, business consultant, discuss in Spanish the benefits of telecoms using DIDX to buy and sell phone numbers.
John Lodden, CEO of Michigan Networks, explains the advantages of selling DID on DIDX during a Cluecon conference.
Jay Xia and Rehan Allahwala discuss how DIDX providesDID phone numbers from around the world to telephone companies around the world, signup for a free trial account now.
Praise shared by Hunter Newby of telx and Suzanne Bowen of Super Technologies Inc. and DIDX in a video interview
ITEXPO East 2007 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Jan. 23 – 26, 2007 and other World-Famous Telephony Conference
Douglas Kimani, DIDX member shares the need for DIDX among global service providers in English and Swahili.
Worldworkz at Spring VON 2007
Connectbynet at Spring VON 2007
Trixbox at Spring VON 2007
Rich Tehrani of TMC Internet Telephony
DS2 Jose Lucini at NXTCOMM 2007
Richard Koch, RNK Communications at Comptel 2007
Efrain Betancourt and Danny Argudo of DEG Telecom at GTM 2007
CallThePlanet’s CTO Steven Harrison at EXPOcomm 2008 in Mexico City
Serge Kruppa of Peerant and Jessica Ruiz of DIDX at EXPOcomm 2008 in Mexico City
Luis Alberto Moreno (DIDX Partner) of Bas Computers at EXPOcomm 2008 in Mexico City
Alexandro Apan NeoCenter on Call Centers, DIDX, EXPOcomm


Email: sales@didx.net
Address: 6005 Keating Road Pensacola, FL 32504

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