Frequently Asked Questions: For Sellers

Question: How do we qualify to sell DID’s on DIDX?
Answer: Be a CLEC or own a network of your own. As of March 25, 2008, all new sellers must add at least 50 international DIDs or at least 500 USA/UK DID before your DIDs will become available for sale on the DIDX network. (The minimum may be raised at a later date.)

Question: When do I get paid?
Answer: Once your offered DID is sold and 45 days are passed and at least $100 is due, we pay you. Just invoice us by clicking CONTACT US in your DIDX dashboard. If the DID did not work for more than 3 days in a week, we will not pay you for that DID, and we will not charge the customer for that currently monthly rate. All successful minutes charged will require payments in case where DIDX seller is charging per minute, not flat rate.

Question: How do I get paid?
Answer: Via Paypal after at least $100 is due. DIDX sellers will invoice via email or DIDX CONTACT US button. Be sure to note DIDX account number and Paypal email address. Paypal only allows certain countries to have Receive Payment feature. In cases where the DIDX Seller is from one of these countries, other arrangements can be made for payments equaling $500 or more due.

Question: Can I send my small customers to DIDX?
Answer: The 5000+ ITSP member DIDXchange will appreciate expansion of the network. Your headaches will be ours. Send the small customers to DIDX; we will pay you $20 for every person you refer.

Question: Do I have to route the DID to DIDX before you sell it?
Answer: Yes. We must test the DID number and to set auto-provision for sale of the DID instantly to another DIDX member.

Question: Do I have to route the DID to DIDX before you sell it?
Answer: Yes. We must test the DID number and to set auto-provision for sale of the DID instantly to another DIDX member.

Question: Who collects payments from DIDX customers?
Answer: DIDX collects payments from the Buyer, and from there, pays you the Seller.

Question: Who provides customer service?
Answer: DIDX takes care of Interop, testing and complaints against any DID number, If there is something wrong with the number, you will be notified via email.

Question: What address do I send my DID number to ring to?
Answer: Send your calls in e164 format, i.e., to If your number is 18005551212, send it to or If your switch does not send to a domain, send it to any IP you get response from on or and extension number. Extension 12126555763 Extension 12126555763

IAX2 format? Send to where ‘number’ will be the DID number.

Question: How do I add the DID’s I have for sale on DIDX?
Answer: 3 ways

1. RECOMMENDED: Use DIDX SELLER’s API on  and push your numbers to DIDX using the API.
2. Using Manual Sell DID button in your DIDX dashboard: Login to your account. Click ‘Sell DID’s’ link.  Select the country you have DID’s. The area code list for that particular country loads automatically. Select the area code the DID(s) belong. Have one DID to offer? Enter it against the ‘Single Number’. Have a series of DID numbers? Enter the first and last numbers of that series against ‘Multiple Numbers’. Then insert the ‘Setup’, ‘Monthly’ and ‘Per Minute’ charges that you want to charge on the DID(s) and press the ‘Submit’ button.
3. Use XLS Sheet to upload your inventory to DIDX using the SELL DID option in your account.

Question: I added the number. When I call to check, I get ‘Not Authorized Message or 404 not found’ and I hear a recording saying number is out of service.’ What’s wrong?
Answer: DIDX does not answer the calls on the DID unless it has been sold to someone. Then the number has been provisioned properly to a SIP or IAX2 user. Therefore, the message you hear is perfectly normal.

Question: What price should we sell the DID on the DIDX?
Answer: We recommend that you keep the lowest possible price, i.e., 50 cents a month in the United States and Canada. $2 – $4 a month for international DID’s. Remember you make money on the incoming traffic also.

Question: What is the DID Rating?
Answer: The DID that does not come to our network will show as Rating 0 or FAILED, the DID that reaches to DIDX server correctly in e164 format will show did rating as 1.
In future we will add more status on the DID rating per quality of the DID number. The tests include DTMF, Alive or Dead, Caller ID, etc. The results determine the rating of the DID where 10 is the Best and 1 is the Least. Choose the higher number rating for best quality DID’s.

Question: What does the seller have to pay to list numbers on
Answer: There is NO CHARGE to enlist numbers on But the seller must enlist at least 50 numbers or pay $50 per minimum quantity fee.

Question: What does the seller have to pay when a DID is sold?
Answer: Nothing. The seller gets paid the payment of the DID number by DIDX after 45 days of the sold DID number.

Question: What is the Vendor Rating?
Answer: Visit We rate the vendor based on the vendor relationship, DID quality and membership duration. The more criteria the vendor meets, the higher the rating. Best vendor is 10. Least is 1.

Question: Do you offer any API service for integration of DIDX in my own software?
Answer: We offer API for you to integrate into your software application for managing your DID’s on DIDX. You can use these API’s to buy or sell the DID numbers.

Question: How do we improve our vendor rating?
Answer: Visit You can do many things to improve:

1. Add more DID numbers. The more added, the more the DIDXchange sees that you are not a fly-by-night. The longer the DID seller sells on DIDXchange the better. The DID added must pass the DID Tester software testing.
100 DID 1 point
500 DID 2 Points
1000 DID 3 Points
10,000 DID 4 Points
20,000 DID 5 Points
2. Send your 3 years’ financial returns / statements. 2 points.
3. Send your DUNS’ report and certified business license. 1 point.
4. Security Deposit of $10,000. 3 Points.

Question: What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from DIDX?
Answer: You can withdraw minimum of $100 from

Question: In what increment does DIDX round minutes?
Answer: 1 minute increments.


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